Convertible Turtleneck

Madewell has become my go-to shop for just about everything. I've done a major wardrobe overhaul for fall, which is always a great excuse to shop. I've never been much of a turtleneck wearer, because I always equated them to my mom (mom, you totally rock them), but lately, the tides have turned.

This convertible turtleneck from Madewell is absolutely perfect for me, and I didn't mind spending the money because you really are getting two sweaters in one. Plus, it's on sale right now! It's not too heavy and has enough wiggle room that you can layer a button-down underneath. And don't even get me started on how much I love my OATS Adele wrap [read: blanket], I've had it for two seasons and I'm still obsessed.

My wardrobe isn't super adventurous and contains a lot of stripes and monochromes, but there's something so luxe about a fur vest, even if it's fake. Since I knew I wouldn't be wearing it a ton, I got mine from Primark, which while overwhelming, does have good finds at times. The 90s are back, and so are chokers. This velvet one is from the Harry Potter Festival held in my hometown last month and has been incorporated into my wardrobe slowly since then. 

How beautiful are the locations for this shoot? The foliage in Brookline was on point and needed to be taken advantage of. 

Jacqueline Weiss