Sweater Weather

Can you believe February starts this week? February is one of my favorite months of the year, mostly because it's my birthday, but year after year I find myself settled into a routine for the New Year after about a month (i.e. I'm not writing on checks 2016 anymore). 

Again, I have a major Madewell shopping problem. This sweater is super cozy and can definitely be dressed up or down. Case in point: I wore this with a skirt and tights to brunch after we finished this shoot, but also wore it this week with leggings and my adidas sneakers

I was lucky to have my mom tag along for this shoot while she was in Boston for two days before my sister jetted off to Rome for her semester abroad there. She's always been my biggest fan, so this was a lot of fun for Madeline, my mom, and me.

If you know me, virtually or in real life, you probably know how important my mother is to me. She's courageous and bold, and doesn't let anyone tell her how to lead her life, which I feel that especially now, is a message all daughters should see from their mother. 

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