L.A. Lady

This post is extremely bittersweet for me, because I'm saying goodbye in just over a week to the city I've called home for almost four years. 

When I was accepted to Emerson College in March 2013, I knew it was where I wanted to go to school. In April, the marathon bombing happened the day after I put down my deposit. I was hesitant and scared, but the thought of going to Emerson kept me going. After moving to Boston that August, I was homesick and scared, but over the past almost four years, I've grown to call Boston my home. 

To break it down, during my time here I've lived in two dorms, three apartments, 19 roommates, three all-nighters, and endless great memories. I feel so lucky that Boston welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to thrive and flourish into the happier, more confident woman I am today. I found myself here, my best friends, how to play with others and know when to be alone, what I want to do as a career, and how to love myself. 

The choice of making a cross-country move came easily, but not without hesitation. After my visit to Los Angeles in October 2016, I was immediately enamored with the city and left it in the back of my head that one day I could see myself living there. Since there's no better time than the present, I thought why not, and began to put my plan in motion of making the big move.

I'm incredibly lucky to have a strong and supportive family who accepted my decision despite tears to move so far away from home and would not be able to have had the opportunities in Boston if it weren't for them, but I'm so excited for this new chapter and what it will bring me. I'm excited to meet and work with new creative individuals, try new foods, visit new cities, and explore all of what Los Angeles has to offer. 

Expect lots of new content from L.A. once I get out there, especially on Instagram and Instagram stories for day-to-day life. I'm so excited to see what this chapter will bring me, and I hope you'll all enjoy seeing what it brings me!