Lady in Red

I've been in Los Angeles for just about three weeks and the transition has been difficult thus far. I'm planning on a post soon about my transition and what I've been up to so far out here, so stay tuned for that in two weeks. 

I shot this look with Madeline before heading out west and am so lucky that our lives aligned because she is such a creative and wonderful human being, inside and out. Do you ever feel that way about people, that your lives aligned somehow? A good friend of mine told me a few months ago that I had come into her life at the right moment. Fate isn't something I necessarily believe in, but good timing and alignment of stars? Yes. 

I know that's slightly off topic for an outfit post, but it's something that's been on my mind, so here we are. 

I've been struggling to find an outlet to write about all these random thoughts I have on any given day, and my blog and social media aren't always the right platform. I haven't really journaled since I was in high school, but maybe that would be beneficial, and a good use for the plethora of notebooks I discovered while moving.

This dress is unfortunately sold out, but Madewell will often come out with similar styles, so keep an eye out! The dress is the perfect light silk in a red that works perfectly on my skin tone, which never happens, hence why you'll never see me in red lipstick. The tie-up front and flutter sleeve detail are the perfect flirty additions.

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Madewell Dress [sold out]

Target Wedge Sandals

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