Review: Blue Apron

I recently ordered a Blue Apron voucher on Gilt City after a great experience with Purple Carrot, and was excited to give it a try! I was however disappointed to find that despite my ordering a vegetarian meal plan, most of them were dairy heavy, and thankfully I was able to make adjustments to this weeks plan to stick with my vegetarian and dairy free lifestyle.

Falafel with Pea Shoot Salad

I didn't end up making the pea shoot side salad, but this was definitely my favorite dish to make and eat! I have loved falafel since visiting Israel two years ago, and have always wanted to make my own. The preparation process and cooking was super easy, and I simply substituted a dairy-free Greek yogurt alternative for the tzatziki. 

Asparagus and Arugula Pesto Pizza

This pizza was so good and I can definitely see myself making this on my own again, especially because the pesto was so good! I did put the ricotta on the pizza for presentations sake, but took it right off after this photo, and held off on the mozzarella all together. I almost wish it had been a whole wheat dough instead of regular, but it was still great!

Fresh Fettuccine with Porcini Mushroom Bolognese

I've always loved fresh pasta, and when I can get it, I prefer it to regular pasta. Again, I wish it had been whole wheat or whole grain, but this was still very good. I really miss doing fun things with my pasta dishes, and this proved that you can do alternatives to meat without buying 'meat alternatives'.

Jacqueline Weiss