Staying Motivated Working From Home

I've been blogging for the past seven-and-a-half years, and for a majority of that time, I was in school. Now that I've graduated and am working for myself, I've learned to be more creative with how I work. Right now, I'm blogging, freelance writing and social media consulting, among other things, and even without a full-time position, I'm still pretty busy.

Here are a few tips that keep me motivated:

-Get up and get dressed. I live in my workout clothes, because I'm almost always going to or from a workout if I'm out of the apartment. My workout clothes always make me feel productive, so wear what makes you feel productive.

-Make lists. And make them realistic. I have several lists going at any given time, with daily tasks, longterm projects, and more. Don't bite off more than you can chew during the day.

-Give yourself breaks. Take a walk, cook yourself lunch, go to the gym, whatever you need. It's been proven time and time again that your brain can only focus for so long, so once you feel yourself tempted to open Netflix, take a break.

-Coffee. Self-explanatory, this is key. Sometimes I start my day in a nearby coffee shop for a few hours, or start in my apartment and later head to a coffee shop so I give myself a little extra stimulation and change of environment.

-Have a clean workspace. Whether you're working at your desk or in a coffee shop, having an organized workspace and laptop definitely helps with your productivity. Shop supplies below that will make you want to work.

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