What Is Face Rolling?

Move over dry-brushing, the next big trend in self-care is here, but this time it's for your face. Jade rollers have been used in Chinese skincare routines for thousands of years, and now they've caught on in the blogosphere and on Instagram, touting similar benefits of dry-brushing, including:

  • boost blood circulation
  • promote lymphatic drainage
  • relieve jaw and facial tension
  • reduce inflammation & puffiness of skin

I picked up my Mount Lai rose quartz facial roller at The NOW (my absolute favorite massage studio if you're in the LA area!) about two months ago and I couldn't be more in love. While the original jade and the rose quartz both have calming and cooling benefits, I went with rose quartz because of its properties to aid in reflection and meditation. For me, skincare is self-care, and my morning and evening routines are two of the best parts of my day, so this was a fairly easy choice for me. Plus, the pink doesn't hurt ;)

So, how do you use it?  Use the larger end for broad surfaces of the skin, starting in the middle of the face, moving outward across your cheeks. From there, move upwards across your forehead and downward across the chin. Use the smaller end for around your nose or under your eyes. The lymphatic drainage points on your face are near your ears and by your clavicle, so you should always work toward those points for maximum benefits.

I've definitely seen the most improvement with reducing inflammation, redness and puffiness on my skin and under my eyes, especially when I use my roller with skincare. It definitely aids in absorbing some of my favorite facial oils, like my Indie Lee Squalane Oil and my under-eye cream.  You can even use it over your sheet mask to really get all the benefits and essences absorbed into your skin! If you want to pump up the cooling [the stone naturally stays cool on its own], leave it in the fridge.

While this isn't a permanent fix for any skin concerns, it's a great addition to your routine, whether you consider it self-care or skincare. 

Jacqueline WeissComment