Review: sweatheory in Los Angeles, CA

Last weekend, I headed into sweatheory for a session in the infrared sauna. But Jacqueline! You live in California! Wasn't it 110 degrees last weekend? Yes, it was. And yes, you're right. But there's a big difference between sweating at my computer in the heat and doing it to detox.

Here's the rundown on all things sweatheory:

  • Located in Hollywood, the studio is absolutely gorgeous and I was penned out from the second I went inside to the second I left.

  • They offer sauna sessions (solo or with a friend), yoga classes, angel card reading, body sculpting, vitamin injections, reiki, and meditation/crystal healing classes. You can purchase individual sessions or check out their membership options. Check out their full menu.

A peek inside my room.

A peek inside my room.

So what's the difference between an infrared sauna and a regular sauna? 

  • Benefits of infrared saunas include: detoxification, skin purification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, and improved circulation.

  • Infrared saunas utilize light-based therapy to penetrate your body and detox. You'll definitely get sweaty, but it feels good.

I love that this isn't just one big sauna, but you have an individual sauna and shower all to yourself during your hour-long session. They provide you with a robe and towels, alkaline water, a cayenne shot to get the sweating started, and instructions on how to use your sauna. 

After 45 minutes in the sauna, feeling sweaty and  healed !

After 45 minutes in the sauna, feeling sweaty and healed!

I spent about 45 minutes in the sauna, and followed it up with a cool shower. I felt invigorated yet relaxed when I left, and definitely saw clearer skin on my face and a random rash flare-up clear up over the days following my visit.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend taking a trip to sweatheory! I'm a big fan of hot yoga, so I'll definitely be trying out one of their classes soon.