Los Angeles 2016

Emerson College's campus in L.A. has been the topic of excitement and controversy during my time here over the past 3.5 years. My best friends Sam, Jennie and I decided that we would make the trip out west in early October to visit the hyped campus where several of our friends are spending their semester. 

After an early morning flight, we landed in L.A. at 11am, and headed straight for our Airbnb. We opted to Uber everywhere for a majority of our trip because splitting between the three of us was never cost us that much. We tried to knock out as much as possible for our first day, stopping at the Grove where we had lunch at Mendocino Farms, where I had a delicious vegan 'TLT,' and walked around the Farmer's Market as well. 

Next, we headed to LACMA, which was closed by the time we got there, but we still took advantage of the iconic lights for a quick photo sesh. Then, we headed to Beverly Hills, window shopping on Rodeo Drive and house hunting before we made our way to Emerson's campus for dinner with our friends. 

Disclaimer: I'm a total Disney noob. Before this trip, I had only been to Disney World with my family 14 years ago. Sam and Jennie however, are pretty much experts and had been to Disneyland once before and Disney World multiple times each. I even got a button that said it was my first visit! By the end of the day, we were exhausted from walking around in the heat, but still headed out for the night with our friends. (Hollywood-area bar reec's: Good Times at Davey Wayne's, Sassafrass, No Vacancy)

Saturday was our "split" day so we could each spend time with our individual friends that are in L.A. I started my morning with a trip to Spellbound Sky, a crystal and meditation shop that I had heard great things about, and followed up with a visit to Alfred for iced coffee. I spent the rest of the day in Santa Monica with Marissa, who I've been friends with since freshman year when we lived on the same floor and bonded over our private all-girls school past and similar interests. We walked on the pier, rode the rides, and did a little shopping on the Third Street Promenade. 

We spent the next day being beach bums on Venice Beach with Savannah, our best friend and roommate of two years who is also in the L.A. program. We swam in the ocean and tanned on the beach, and made a visit to the shops on Abbot Kinney. I loved all the colorful houses, art on the beach, and shops on Abbot Kinney.

We finished up our trip with an early morning hike to the Hollywood Sign and brunch at The Waffle. Seriously, go there. Their vegan breakfast was amazing, as were their $5 mimosas, which probably wasn't the best idea after hiking in 90+ degree heat, but when on vacation, right? We nearly missed our flight thanks to a slow Uber driver, but made it safe and sound back to Boston.

L.A., I'll definitely be back. Any vegan spots I should hit on my next trip?

Jacqueline Weiss