What's In My Travel Bags?

Sometimes, it feels like I'm always on the move and barely have a second to breathe. I went from one trip home, back to Boston, and just got back from another trip home, and am hoping to take a trip to Newport or Cape Cod before I move in three weeks. In addition to that, I carry around a few essentials with me no matter what (a post on that to come in the future!), but also consider myself a pretty solid packer. 

Finding just the right amount of skincare, haircare, body care and makeup essentials, especially when you have the constraints of flying cannot be easy, but I have a solid system in place that I hope can help you out in some capacity as well.

In this case, I was traveling for a wedding, so I wanted to make sure I had more than enough products at the ready to transition my look from church to reception. 

You'll notice I didn't bring too much skincare or body care, because thankfully, visiting home means I have access to any products in my sister's shower (i.e. body wash, shave cream, conditioner), and since I was only away for a short time, I didn't mind sharing and I don't think she did either. If I was traveling for a longer period of time, you'd see this pouch much more full.

Using my Glossier pink pouches is easy because they're super flat, fit easily into any bag, and still look chic, but if you're looking to get any type of a set of other bag, below are a few options from around the web.