In-Flight Essentials

I travel fairly frequently between my home in L.A. and my parent's + boyfriend's homes on the East Coast, so I have the essentials I fly with pretty much down to a science. Aside from obvious items such as phone/computer + chargers, a book and/or magazine, and a few snacks, these are a few of my favorite items to do a little in-flight pampering so I get off looking and feeling my best.

If I'm going to catch some z's, an eye mask is definitely necessary to block out any light, and my Beats for blocking out noise, or watching TV. My big cashmere wrap doubles as a blanket, and I use this even when it's warm out because planes can be on the chilly side. 

Plane's are SUPER dehydrating, so products that will hit you with a ton of hydration are what's best. I've been having some breakouts lately, so the Herbivore toner balances out my skin and calms down any redness before I scare a few fellow passengers + flight attendants with a sheet mask. I noticed that my sheet mask definitely got dryer faster than it would have if I wasn't in the air, which attests to the dry air quality. A super hydrating lip product is also a must, and I always bring a water bottle to fill up before I get on as well!

Jacqueline WeissComment