Nashville City Guide

Our first real stop (after upstate NY, Boston, New Jersey, and Philadelphia) on the road trip was Nashville! Here are some of my favorite places I saw in the Music City. 



Steadfast Coffee // Something that was super important to me during the trip was being able to get a good cup of coffee. I brought packets of Four Sigmatic with me during the trip to make where I could, but usually started the day with the best coffee in whatever city we were in. Steadfast was definitely the best, and you've got to try their signature butterscotch iced latte.

The Southern V // This was hands down one of the best vegan meals I've had to date because it wasn't trying by any means to be overly healthy, which normally is what I gravitate toward when eating out, but going to an all-vegan spot gives me a lot more flexibility. Since I was on vacation, I indulged where I could, and tried to find the best vegan food in every city, and this is definitely it in Nashville. Hot chicken is a Nashville staple (watch Ugly Delicious on Netflix for more), and The Southern V does the vegan version right.

Franklin Juice Co // If you're in need of a pick-me-up while walking in the 12South neighborhood, also where Five Daughters, Draper James, I Believe in Nashville mural, and a few of the shops on my list are, definitely grab a smoothie or açai bowl from Franklin Juice Co

Five Daughters Bakery // Perfect for vegans and non-vegans too, Five Daughters Bakery is the donut shop that has it all. Everything inside and outside is perfectly Instagrammable, and the donuts were delish too. 

First Watch // On your way out, grab brunch at First Watch. This was our last meal in Nashville with my boyfriend's high school best friends and their chia pudding was one of the tastiest I've ever tried!



Vinnie Louise // There are so many cute stores along 12th Street, so definitely pop into all of them, but Vinnie Louise was one of my favorites and where I got this hat! 

Draper James // An obvious must-see, because who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon? The store is filled with all things Draper James, from home accessories to desk supplies and clothes. Take a picture on the blue and white striped wall on the side and the I Believe in Nashville mural in the alley before you go! 

White's Mercantile // This is a super cute modern general store with plenty of adorable giftables like Boy Smells candles, Coola sunscreen and Clare V clutches. You can also catch the Amelia's Flower Truck on the White's Mercantile lot!

Downtown Antique Mall // Nashville has loads of antique shops, and I heard that the Downtown Antique Mall was one of the best, so we had to stop by and check it out. We didn't end up purchasing anything, but it's definitely worth a visit.



Grand Ole Opry // The Grand Ole Opry is a bit outside the city, but definitely worth a visit to see where so many country music stars have played!  

Johnny Cash Museum // Johnny Cash is about as country as I can get, so we made a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum, located next to the Patsy Cline Museum right off Broadway.

Country Music Hall of Fame // We didn't go inside the actual museum but did stop by some of the gift shops. The Country Music Hall of Fame is an obvious must-see for country lovers.

Broadway bars // There are plenty of honky tonks with live music and flowing drinks all around Broadway, so take your pick! Neither my boyfriend or I are big drinkers but you can generally just walk in and listen to music which is what we did. 

Looking for more resources on what to do in Nashville? Here are a few good ones: Design SpongeGoop, Sarah Belle Elizabeth

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